A domineering woman is a woman who likes to have the role of dominant during a power relationship between partners. This means that she takes pleasure in playing this role and that the idea of ​​dominating turns her on sexually. The role of the dominant involves both enjoying exercising authority, but also seeing his or her partner is submissive.

These roles are undefined, and a woman who generally likes to be the Findom London one may also like to be submissive. This domination can be expressed by different means: a taste for attaching one’s partners, forcing them to practices, insulting them, etc. There are as many domination practices as there are individuals.

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Sexual domination allows you to take power in the relationship for a period. Thus, some women thrive in this role because they do not have an authoritarian character in their daily life and want to experience it in their sex life. But we must not generalize: there are lots of reasons to like Dominatrix London, and it would be simplistic to try to explain it by just a few factors.

Domination also allows you to take control of the course of sexual intercourse. This can allow a woman to better achieve pleasure by favoring positions or practices in which she takes more pleasure.
Do not confuse domination and SM (for sadomasochism). Indeed, SM consists in taking pleasure by inflicting suffering (physical and/or moral) on one’s partner. It can be bites, beatings, humiliations, etc. Although SM implies a relationship of domination, conversely, domination does not imply making one’s partner suffer;

It is indeed possible to establish a relationship of submission without being the “victim” and being sexually abused. Finally, we must keep in mind that sexual domination is only a game and that it must in no case be synonymous with suffering (moral or physical) for either of the two partners, who must be fully consented.

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