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You have to set the rules right away when you want to indulge in this kind of little game as a couple. If Monsieur accepts to be the toy, and therefore Madame’s sex slave, she herself becomes the dominant ready to take on the role of the initiator of the game and must understand the basics of Dominatrix London.
This is a couple’s game of soft domination and not real BDSM where one indulges in actions mixing pleasure and pain. The limits are to be defined between you and your expectations although this type of game commits both people to go beyond the limit of the simple game of tying up and smearing themselves with Chantilly (see below). You are free to want to go further afterward.
Accepting this game can be an extreme pleasure of stepping into the unknown as submissive or dominant. We become the object of the other’s pleasure regardless of which side we are on. This pleasure as a consenting couple annihilates the judgment that we may have of the other and of his gaze, all the more so in the realization of certain fantasies leading to different pleasures on which we had brakes which in the end are no longer.
To be dominant by Dominatrix London is to exercise power over others and to control their pleasure is a highly enjoyable feeling, especially if you play your character to the end.

Getting into the characters well

These games of domination and submission by Dominatrix London require preparation on the part of Madame contrary to appearances. It is important that the gentleman shares his ideas with him as well. At first, Madame will have to put on an outfit that feeds the fantasies of Monsieur to be submitted. Latex is the best known, vinyl, PVC, and at least for beginner couples, wetlook. Be careful, some lingerie sites often indicate vinyl with a high price, but looking at the composition (high percentage of elastane), it is a wet look. She will have to change her look if she used to look wise …

the Dominatrix London has a wild, punk, quirky look, etc. For this, the accessories are required: wig, gothic makeup, lipstick, fake tattoos, fake piercing, high heels, boots or thigh-high boots, false eyelashes, etc. A change of perfume can also be a significant plus for the confused and marked man. what she found vulgar and not to her liking is often a man’s hidden fantasy. Above all, she will need to equip herself with accessories, objects, and many other things that she would have liked to try on Monsieur without ever daring.

To do this, first establish the limits of Mister because yes … he is the slave. Once the rules are established, Madame can think about it before staging her character. Madame can even change her first name when she takes on the role, asked to be vouvoyée and look for accessories in online stores to also have new ideas of … torture? outfits, games …
Monsieur is submitted to him. From there he’ll just have to obey. So his slave outfit will be the one imposed by Madame and he won’t be able to say anything. And there you lack imagination and you say to yourself: But what outfit could I find for my slave? Give us concrete examples!
The outfits are those that have no limits in your game, those that excite you, amuse you, or humiliate your slave for those who go further in the game. Some women will like it naked but will play with the positions, others will add accessories specific to their character. It’s up to you to see its limits.

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