Dominating by Dominatrix London your husband without inflicting pain, is that possible?

It is not necessary to practice the integrity of the practices that constitute BDSM. There are actually no prerequisites. Indeed, the different letters of the acronym have been glued together and denote subcategories, or possibilities if you prefer.

Thus, sadomasochism games exist, but there are other aspects of BDSM, that of bondage, on the one hand, and that of domination by , on the other. BDSM has a bad press with people who do not know it because they immediately imagine people tortured, chained, hoods and whips in hand. This is very rarely the case.

In this article, I guide interested women and men towards a new equilibrium of the couple in which the woman takes the ascendancy over the man. She dominates him, of course, but does not have to become a sadist or practice bondage to do so. Each couple must find the sexuality that suits them. If you and your partner both enjoy SM games, you are free to give it a try.

Thousands of couples practice or have practiced BDSM before the word became popular. To put it bluntly: we don’t care about acronyms.

This aside, just tell yourself that you are practicing the sexuality that suits you and that you are redefining a couple of models that stick to your desires. You don’t need a label, community validation, or following fashions.

Dominating her husband: positive repercussions on your relationship
Dominating your man has positive consequences for the couple. Already, speech is freed and sex, taboo or overused, becomes playful. You will then have a huge playground to unwind from everyday life, to assert yourself. You will feel comfortable enough to even share your dark sides with your partner. Sexual complicity necessarily reinforces attachment and tenderness.

In general, you will then learn to work in pairs and to say clearly what you want. In this way, it will be more difficult to accumulate frustrations which later lead to latent conflicts or arguments.

Female domination allows you to teach your partner to make concessions, to listen to you, and to anticipate your desires. Part of all of these negative points or bad habits can be corrected.

Another vision of virility in a London Dominatrix by a domina-submissive couple
Many women fear taking over their husbands for fear of ending up with an effeminate man or a mop, a yes-no without sex appeal. Indeed, for them, virility and masculinity are perceived in a positive, exciting way, despite the fact that it puts them through hell on a daily basis. You have to learn to deconstruct your gaze. Toxic masculinity is neither healthy nor exciting! A man should be able to do housework, cry, ask for his partner’s consent without being relegated to the status of a sub-man. Unfortunately, this is still the fear of many mistresses or aspiring domina: what if my husband becomes a fag? How could I continue to love a man who likes to be degraded, who takes pleasure in flirting?

Believe me ladies: female domination values ​​your man. She strips him of his unnecessary manly attributes so that he can focus on what matters most: you and the happiness of the couple. It is no longer about the misplaced ego. The dictatorship of the little is also over.

By dominating your husband in bed, you can finally hope to share your daily life fairly. If you want, then, in a second step, you can also learn to dominate your husband on a daily basis, only if that is your wish.

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