If so, it’s for you, such a strong woman needs an equal and a partner
Dominant women are forces of nature. Intelligent, determined, powerful, and free, they never let themselves be stepped on. Because of this, they often attract animosity and jealousy from female betas and weaker men. What partner can suit such a personality? Whether you’re interested or not, hang in there: this is what a dominant woman expects from her partner!
A dominatrix London woman, or “alpha woman”, shines with her quick wit and charisma. She is very independent, does not hesitate to put others in their place, and is not very tolerant of idiocy!

Dominance is a state of mind rather than a physical characteristic. The psychology of this kind of woman is complex. They are intelligent and always find a solution to the problems that come their way. This does not prevent them from dressing sexy as they are aware of the power it gives them in society.

Such a strong woman needs an equal and a partner. An alpha male might suit him for a while. But in the long term, he could only bring her passion, and not the complicity and stability necessary for this kind of relationship!

Dominated men are too weak and would get trampled on their feet. They could not support her while remaining her equal, as she wishes. Moreover, most of them are simply irrelevant to him.
Who can compete with the mighty alpha woman? He needs a strong and charismatic man who is not intimidated by his partner and her success. For her, this man is a rock, a foundation, and he does not let himself be walked on! He is his equal.

Dominating Woman, here are the 6 factors that define this famous ideal partner!

1.It is teasing, and can be teased without getting offended!
He never says anything that could hurt you, but can send his spikes as well as he can take yours!
You and he know each other well enough to know when to stop. On the other hand, your confidence and your common love of sarcasm are such that you easily attack the weak points of the other! Never badly, of course.

2.He challenges you

He is as strong as you, although more contained. He pushes you to become the best and push you beyond your limits. He discusses your every decision but does so to help you. You love him for it. Life with him is exciting and you never get bored!

3.He is not jealous!
He knows you well enough to know that your little flirtation with men (or women) in the evening and that the great friendship that binds you to this colleague and friend at work is not a threat to your relationship.
The bond that unites you is strong. It is built on unwavering confidence!

  1. He’s not waiting for you
    He has his own life, and respects the fact that you have yours. He does not object to your going out with your friends. On the contrary, he encourages you to go out because he knows that it is important for you!
  2. Your skeletons stay in the closet!
    He has your complete confidence and deserves it. What is said between you remains between you!
    You will never hear your family or his friends tell you an embarrassing anecdote that only your partner is supposed to know. Of course, you make your best friend an exception. You tell him absolutely everything about your man, whether it’s what he has in his underwear or his promotion at work!
  3. He knows how to manage your mood swings
    He is a source of comfort to you. You are comfortable with him. When you are angry, he knows how to handle it better than anyone.
    Whether you are anxious and emotional or overwhelmed and exhausted, he lets you have your space. He also knows when to hug you.

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