The prerequisites for the beginner Dominatrix London (domina) – learn to dominate her husband

The qualities of a good domina
To become a good domina and succeed in playing the role over time, certain qualities are essential. Obviously, you don’t have to have them all. To be dominated is first of all to like to dominate. If the fun is there, you will learn easily on the job.

The good Domina is:

Patient; because such a transformation in the couple does not happen once. It’s a journey that you never actually end. Each step is crucial to further develop the submission of his partner. However, be aware that backtracking will be frequent. The fault of the job, the children, the unforeseen events of life. Also, the Domina must also be:
Tenacious; to succeed in going the distance without getting discouraged. Things don’t always go as planned, there are setbacks. You will make mistakes, for sure. They will allow you to grow and improve, especially if you are:
Particularly observant; I insist on this point. You don’t have to be a great psychologist to be able to dominate her husband. However, if your eyes are everywhere (and connected to your brain), you will quickly be able to pinpoint your partner and anticipate their desires. Knowing how to observe and understand the other is fundamental. You can then turn his desires against him to train him to fulfill YOUR desires.
To be a good domina, then, you don’t need to be vulgar, have a big voice, or wear latex catsuits. The role of Domina will adjust to your personality as you are and remain unique. So is your romantic relationship.

Each couple has its rules, its operating methods.

What do you need for a submissive domination relationship?

All the resources are within you. You are the only really essential tool to dominate your husband: your man is attracted to you. You are the essential part of a couple’s sexuality. So, the idea is to use and motivate your man to realize your role and your power through the excitement you create in him.

To dominate your husband, you will then need time: this process is a long process that can take months or even years. In fact, in all relationships, maintaining a relationship remains and remains a job. You have to constantly rack your brains and not take the other for granted, think about how to maintain desire, tenderness, and exchange with your other half. The relationship of domination submission between a mistress and her submissive is at least as demanding as any relationship.

The essential accessories to start BDSM and dominate her husband?
To help you in your task, some accessories will be necessary. They will help give body to your domination more quickly, especially during sex. None are really mandatory.

For impact games, gentle torture or punishment: crocodile clips, a swift or a whip, a wooden spoon, a urethra probe
To contribute to the feeling of belonging: a leather collar or chain, a cock ring (leather or metal ring, the choice is yours), a piece of jewelry that you choose or a small accessory that you like. In short, something that you impose on your spouse.
For the reversal of the usual roles of penetrating and penetrating: a dildo, an anal rosary, a plug, a strap-on dildo. You will find lots of fun toys to try out on your own or in pairs. I have a preference for strap-on dildos. They make me feel like an Amazon, a true masculine and belligerent woman. I love to penetrate a man.
For masturbation control: a chastity cage (there are affordable first prices for less than fifty euros on the internet)
Outfits that make you feel powerful: it depends on your taste. Dressed in a pretty dress, beautiful stockings and a pair of tiny heels and white gold jewelry, I feel as elegant as a queen.
As you have seen, it is easy to replace BDSM accessories with everyday items.

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