The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to do Dominatrix London with Your Husband

The Domina Apprentice Guide – Dominating Her Husband Every Day

There has never been so much talk about sexual freedom, feminism, and the empowerment of women. However, in their intimate life, women are generally quite timid and shy. They don’t know that with a little ingenuity, and a predisposed mate, they could become true dominant women. Dominating her husband offers a convenient way for women to be able to live their life serenely. A way to ensure that the man correctly shares the mental load inherent in married life, a mental load unfortunately still too often carried to the body by women.

Female domination is not just a male fantasy: dominating her husband is a convenient way for women to prevent their husbands, boyfriends, or companions from insidiously taking over. Over time, the partner makes less effort. As long as the partner does not dare to clearly state her needs and what she lacks, the couple enters a routine phase. Little by little, the frustrations accumulate. What if dominating her husband was the solution? Madam, YOU can set the pace for your husband, for his happiness, and for yours!

I invite you through this guide to explore a proven protocol. I give you basic advice and simple ideas to put into practice to get started in female domination step by step. This guide will be accessible to everyone, both beginners, the curious but also those who already know .

Why read this guide?
This is the most comprehensive article on female domination available for free on the internet;
It was written by a domina who has many years of experience and dominates her partner;
This guide presents proven, easy, and customizable female domination techniques to become the Domina (or Mistress) of her husband, husband, or boyfriend.
Why dominate her husband?
Many believe that domination is a sexual practice: the famous “D” found in the acronym BDSM.

BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination, and Sado-Masochism (the contraction of Sadism and Masochism). Behind this acronym is a whole variety of sexual practices. This is a word that classifies or labels a whole part of sexuality, the one that focuses mainly on power games.

Thus BDSM, or commonly called “Sadomasochism” includes the following categories:

Domination posture in which one takes the ascendancy over a submissive.
Bondage: Erotic rope play or rope restriction practices (such as the use of handcuffs, straitjackets, chains).
Sado-Masochime: side of BDSM that eroticizes physical pain (but also psychological). The sadist likes to inflict pain on the masochist who loves pain and derives physical pleasure from it. However, these practices rely on the consent of the masochistic person. This is not torturing!
People who practice BDSM call everyday sexuality and people who practice it “vanilla”. This word comes from “vanilla” in English. This refers to the most common scent of ice cream, the consensus flavor, which is everyone’s name.

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